Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Boys


Aim said...

Hey Kristen!

These pictures are so adorable!! I absolutely love the one of them on the white bench! So cute!

It was really fun seeing you guys on Skype the other night! I can't believe it's taken Matt and I so long to get on that! As for thanksgiving, we will have to talk more about that. If I haven't left for San Diego yet we'd love to see if we can catch up with you guys. That would be fun! As of right now I don't fly out until the first of December, so we'll stay hopeful! Matt will probably want to try and see you even if I'm not with him though.

Love you guys! Lets try that Skype thing again soon!


Jamie said...

Such beautiful kids. Love you guys!

Lena T Siders said...

I like the photos you have shared on this post. The kids are so good to see. Both are chubbies.
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