Friday, November 12, 2010

East Coast Highlights

We really wanted to share all the exciting things we did on our trip, but there is just so much to cover! We took over 300 pictures so I tried my best to pick out the best and show the highlights. Enjoy!

Niagara Falls:

Palmyra, NY

Washington, DC:

New York City:

Mount Vernon:

Hershey, PA:


Lindsey said...

I love, love, love the pictures you posted... I'm envious of everything you were able to see!! Cute fammily pictures and memories!!

Jamie said...

Owen is the cutest thing ever! I am so glad you posted these adn made teh most of your trip. Kris, you are a TROOPER for spending what may be the sickiest part of your pregnancy in a hotel room with a toddler. You're my hero...I love & miss all three of you! Time for some skyping!

LaBountys said...

Owen in that apron and hair cap is just too stizinkin cute!!! love these pics!

Lyndi said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. I"ve only been to D.C. once. All I got to do was be stuck in traffic and drive down Embassy Row and then past the Mall. I would love to just spend a week there and go to the museums. I sure do love you, Kristen, you are amaqzing! Miss you!