Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Boy

Owen turned TWO last week! He is definitely a little boy and not our baby anymore. He is so grown up - says EVERYTHING, knows his ABC's and the sounds all the letters make, can almost count to 20, sings, has entire books memorized, and makes us laugh everyday with something new he has learned or a comment he makes. He loves his cars, trampoline, playing catch, his sesame street "guys", pillow fights, and especially letters. He is a sweet little boy, saying "please", "thank you", "bless you" when we sneeze, "excuse me" when he burps, asks if we're okay when we cough, "how are you today?", "glad to see you" or "how did you sleep?" in the morning, "thanks for breakfast", and "thanks for coming" when someone leaves the house. He surprises us everyday and is just so fun to be with! Here are a few pictures - his actual birth day, one and two!


Jamie said...

OWEN, we love you so much!!! Your birthday pictures are so handsome and you are such a sweet, smart boy! It was so FUN for for Aunt Jamie and Cousin James to come experience all your talents and cuteness for ourselves! Here's to another great year--your THIRD!--and successful big-brotherhood! XO--Love, Your Montana Melin Cousins

Lyndi said...

I had such a good time wih you guys while I was there. You are the sweetest parents and it shows in Owen. I love you all!

Moeller Family said...

Hey there! Congrats on baby #2 coming soon! We are expecting our second the end of July. Fun times! Good luck with the last month! :)